Dontnod Entertainment

PROJECT: Tell Me Why

Publisher: Microsoft
Support: Xbox One, Xbox Series, PC
Genre: Adventure
Engine: Unreal Engine 4

Tell Me Why is an episodic narrative adventure game that follows twins Alyson and Tyler Ronan after a 10 year separation. As they reconnect, they use their special bond to unravel mysteries of their loving but troubled childhood. Set in Alaska, Tell Me Why features true-to-life characters, mature themes and gripping choices.


FUNCTIONS: Senior Level Designer

  • Design of three levels from concept to completion
  • Level building with Unreal engine 4 (Whitebox, Blueprint, Anim Montage, …)
  • Design and integration of multiple game mechanics and puzzles related to my levels
  • Preparation of the documentation for the various mocap session: Metrics of environment, listing of props and animations 
  • Worked alongside the artists and animators to implement game content
  • Polishing/Debugging of multiple additional levels in Episode 2 and Episode 3

Here’s the videos of one of my levels.

Level: Overturn


Ninja Theory LTD.

PROJECT: DMC Devil May Cry

Publisher: Capcom
Support: Xbox One, PS4, Xbox 360, PS3, PC
Genre: Action/Adventure
Engine: Unreal Engine 3

DMC is a reboot of the Devil May Cry series. The player takes control of Dante, a demon hunter who has to take down Mundus, a demon who manipulates humanity through the comforts of life. Most of the game takes place in Limbo, a demonic dimension with an evolving environment that constantly tries to trap and kill Dante.

The game currently has a 86% rating on metacritic.


FUNCTIONS: Level Designer

  • Design of four levels from concept to completion : Overturn, Eyeless, Devil Inside, Devil’s Dalliance
  • Level building with Unreal engine 3 (Whitebox, Scripting using Kismet, Matinee, Streaming…)
  • Worked alongside the artists and animators to implement game content, based on an agressive milestone structure
  • Level design documents updates
  • Polishing/Debugging on the E3 demos and 2 additional levels : The Plan, Furnace of Souls
  • Took part in the organization of the focus testing sessions

Here’s the videos of my levels.

Level: Overturn

Level: Eyeless

Level: Devil Inside

Level: Devil’s Dalliance


Birdies Road

PROJECT: Death Monsters

Support: XBLA, PSN
Genre: Action/Horror
Engine: Unity 3

This project was canceled. In this game, you play as werewolf and as human. The werewolf sections of the game were more focused on platforming and combat while the sections with the human form are more based on exploration, stealth and puzzle solving.

FUNCTIONS: Level Designer

  • Level design documents delivery (Layout document, Flowcharts…)
  • Definition with the level artists of an effective and quick method to build levels using a tile system
  • Design of 2 levels for the creation of the game prototype
  • 2D and 3D prototyping using Visio and Sketchup
  • Level building using the Unity 3 engine (Camera placement, Level scripting…)


Ama Studios

THE PROJECT: Fighters Uncaged

Publisher: Ubisoft
Support: Xbox 360 (Kinect Exclusive)
Genre: Fighting Game

Published by Ubisoft for the launch of Kinect in 2010, Fighters Uncaged is the first fighting game released using this technology. The game gives the player the opportunity to fight against 12 differents opponents using his full body.

FUNCTIONS: Game Designer

  • Game and level design documents delivery (GDD, Behaviors, …)
  • Worked on combat mechanics, game structure, balancing and accessibility
  • Organisation and analysis of the playtest


Ankama Games

THE PROJECT: Boufbowl, The Game

Support: PC
Genre: Turn Based Sport Game

Boufbowl is a turn based sport game based on the fictional sport, created by Ankama for the tv show Wakfu. The game is playable at this address .

FUNCTIONS: Game Designer (internship)

  • Game design documents delivery (GDD, Behaviors, Balancing, …)
  • Creation of a game prototype in the form of a board game
  • Creation of a gameplay prototype using Flash AS3
  • Gameplay Scripting


Elsewhere entertainment

THE PROJECT: David Douillet Judo

Support: PS2, PC
Genre: Fighting Game

David Douillet Judo is a fighting game released for the PC and PS2 in 2006. The game combines classical elements from 3D fighting games such as Tekken and rythm games mechanics.