Personal Projects

Unreal Engine projects

Below, you can find a series of projects I created to teach myself the Unreal engine. I then used the Engine in my professional experiences (see dontnod and ninja theory experience)

Unreal Engine 4 projects

3rd Person Action Game

This project allowed me to approach several systems of UE4: Landscape, Player Controller, Animation Montage, Pickups

  • Player Controller: Simple Setup with a Third Person Camera
  • Animation Montage/Locomotion: Used to setup movement state machine and combat animations/events.
  • Combat/Projectiles: used for combo system and magic system (projectile + casting spell animation).
  • AI System/Spawn System: Patrol, detect and attack the player + Wave system (setting up enemy wave + spawning).
  • Materials: Materials used for main characters and enemies.


This project allowed me to approach several systems of UE4: VFX, physics, Spline System, Child Actors

  • Bumpers with VFX: Pushes the ball back when hit, plays an animation and a VFX

  • Spline System for ramps: Static Meshes appears based on spline shape. The ramp can be bended at will with collision matching
  • Drop Target: Amount, size and position of drop target can be modified at will. System based on child actors

Unreal Engine 3 project

In this level, I used Kismet to modify several aspects of the game like the controls, the camera and the AI. I also included some puzzle oriented sequences. You can see the visio document of the level and a video of it from start to finish. I made this map on my own.

Visio document

Editor view




Game and Level design documents

These documents are related to my Knockin’ Dead Project.


Interaction system behaviors

Stress system


First draft of the level and level building document


Level building document

Balancing document

Social interactions document


Level Design 2D Platformer

These comes from a test where I had to define the basic elements of a 2D platform game for Ios, and create a level using these elements. It was also asked that I create a fake screenshot of a situation of the level.

Visio Document

Fake Screenshot


Game Design document : Asset list

This document is related to another exercise and it  lists the assets needed for the jump mechanic of Bayonetta.


Game Design document : Behaviors

This is the behavior for the resolution a turn based sports game I worked ont.

 Control system behaviors (Turn Based Game)



  • Genre : Action/Adventure (mod Warcraft 3)
  • Support : PC
  • Audience: Core and Hardcore Gamers.
  • Number of players: 6 (3 vs 3)
  • Concept: 2 teams of 3 players fight each other to reach the center of the Montségur fortress. The fortress is full of trap that needs the cooperation of several players to be crossed. Each game is different, the team starting point, the placement of the trap and the way in the fortress changing at each new game. A balancing system adapts the path taken by each team depending on the distance between them.

This next document was created using visio and presents the different available paths, traps, starting point, etc. of the fortress.

Visio document – Map Crusaders

Screenshot Crusaders


Wandering Phantoms

  • Genre : RTS (mod Warcraft 3)
  • Support: PC
  • Audience: Core and Hardcore Gamers.
  • Number of playerss: 2 (tutorial for 1 player only)
  • ConceptWandering Phantoms is a Warcraft 3 mod in which two players fight each other. Each player controls two heroes and must destroy their adversary’s base. Alone, those heroes are weak and can’t defend themselvers efficiently against the various creatures. To help them, the players must capture different points on the map that will procure them specific spirits that will give them buff and special abilities, as long as the charachter is in the spirit range. Each player can only have 4 spirits in his team that he can dispatch between his two avatars.
  • ProductionWandering Phantoms was created using the Warcraft 3 World Editor during a one week exercise.
  • Link : Download Wandering Phantoms



  • Genre : Point’n Click
  • Crossing : Card games
  • Support: PC
  • Audience: Adventure games fans
  • Number of players : 2 only
  • Concept : The game alternates between sequences of card duel and point and click through 4 different dimensions. The players must explore each dimension to find clues and collect objects to resolve their assigned quests. Each dimension has a theme (emotions, conflits psychiques, ascension sociale, etc) and is based on each suit (Spades, Hearts, Diamonds and Clubs). To move from a dimension to another, the players must battle using their cards. The dominant color at the end of each turns determines the next dimension the player will visit.
  • Production: Comédia was created using DarkBasic during a one week exercise. The exercise was to create the prototype of a point’n click, that has to be played with a card game.

Screenshots of 3 different perspective of the street